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Always behave like a duck…..


“Always behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but paddle like hell underneath.”

This quote perfectly describes my day today!  Work was crazy busy, but I survived. Our director was out so that meant three back to back intakes for me to do with clients and their families. As overwhelmed as I may have felt, I tried my best to stay calm on the outside. Sometimes this meant venting to supportive co-workers; sometimes it meant taking a few deep breaths; and sometimes it meant staying positive and ignoring any negativity (from co-workers, clients, or insurance companies-grrr). I find myself getting better and better at this each day and I’m not exactly sure how. All I can credit it to is conscious effort. I find when I make the conscious effort to stay positive about things, it works!! In the past I would easily let negativity (outside of my control) ruin my positive attitude, but I’m slowly and surely learning not to do this.

Despite surviving the day with a positive attitude, I’m still thrilled that it’s Friday and the weekend. 🙂 Plans for tonight include just plain relaxing and watching a couple of new movies! Tomorrow I’m going to try and be productive- work on some school work, get organized, and get back on track with running. (I’ve been doing the couch25k training plan!) Here’s to a relaxing and productive weekend….

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