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Once upon a time: the power of positive thinking…


Once upon a time there was a girl who constantly cared about the opinions of others, a girl who constantly sought to be liked by her peers, a girl who just wanted to be the approval of others. This girl lacked self-confidence at times, felt embarassed at her mistakes or failures, and felt like she needed a guy/boyfriend to make her happy in life. She came from a good background and a supportive family, but nonetheless felt this way. This girl went through middle school, high school, and college guided by these thoughts–for some reason she just couldn’t escape these negative thoughts. Then finally one day, something inside the girl changed….something clicked….a lightbulb went off. The girl realized the following: “I’m beautiful. I am intelligent. I am unique, and I am me. I do not need the approval of others. I only need the approval from myself. If I know I am a good person then this is all that matters. If I’m confident in myself then I will be happy.”  The girl soon began to believe these thoughts. She replaced her negative thinking with these positive statements instead. Her self-esteem grew. She learned that it is not necessary to please others; it is only necessary to please herself and do what is right in life. The girl even began to laugh at her small mistakes and let go of her insecurities. Her confidence continued to grow. She felt more comfortable in her own skin. She learned to cope with stress. She learned that often all it takes to feel better is to stop, take a few deep breaths, and let go of the things which she cannot control. The girl felt stronger- physically, emotionally, and mentally. This impacted her in so many ways. The girl was more successful in multiple areas of her life, including: relationships/friendships; her academics (going for her Master’s degree); and her career.  She knew that problems could still arise, but she felt more capable. She realized that sometimes all it takes to live a much happier life is some positive thinking.

Have you ever struggled with finding yourself or having confidence in your own abilities? How did you handle this?

In other news, I’m currently obsessed with this song! 🙂

Listen and enjoy. Happy Tuesday!

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