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Thankful for the positives!


There are some days when I absolutely love my job– completely, truely love my job.

I work with kids- children and adolescents in a mental health day treatment program, and although there are numerous things I could complain about (and sometimes do complain about) each and every day, there are so many positives to my job– my work environment, the kids, and my coworkers. I am so thankful to be able to work with supportive coworkers and a very considerate supervisor. I am thankful to have a wide variety of job tasks to keep my busy!

Above all though, I am so lucky to work with some of the kids I work with on a daily basis. I really do see kids make progress. I see kids go from a seemingly very depressed mood to a more positive mood and smiling within their length of stay in the program. I see kids begin the program anxious or angry and become comfortable with their peers and staff. I see kids be so kind to one another at times (it still amazes me how sometimes a “cool, tough kid” can be so genuinely nice to a kid who is a little different and considered not-so-cool). I see kids feel proud of themselves and have greater self-esteem throughout their stay. Once in a while, I even see kids have those “ah-ha” moments where they realize changes they want to make within their lives. 

Don’t get me wrong I have bad days- days where I feel frustrated by coworkers, days where I am bothered by some of the kids’ behaviors, days when insurance companies and policies feel overwhelming, and days where I wish I didn’t have to talk to (or even deal with) parents of the clients in our program. The good days outnumber the bad though, and I am able to recognize that. I am so happy that I am able to recognize all of the positives. The positives are what keep me going and help me stay motivated. I think everyone needs to find some of the positives in their own work and in their own lives to keep them going and help them stay motivated. The positives make your life worth it- and make the bad days seem just a bit more bearable.

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