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Stress relief!


Did you ever have one of those days when you wake up feeling pretty okay and then everything starts going down hill? That was my day today, and it made me want to crawl right back into bed!! But of course, that wasn’t possible so I trudged on through the day….

After work, I was still feeling somewhat frustrated; and though I could have easily taken a nap, I decided to instead enjoy the beautiful, sunny, 70-degree weather that was awaiting me outdoors! 🙂 It was gorgeous outside so I put on some shorts, a t-shirt, my sneakers, grabbed my i-pod and went outside for a run/jog/walk! I went for about 2 1/2 miles and just zoned out. I let go of all of my stress from the day, stopped worrying about the things I can’t control, and just got lost in my workout. It felt so good. My music and the cool breeze helped me relax, and I just enjoyed myself.

Until today, I never realized what a great stress-reliever running can be for me. I felt so much better after my workout– almost like a weight was completely lifted off my shoulders!

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