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Reasons why…


     I started this blog for several reasons. First of all, I completely love to write. I feel like I can express my thoughts and feelings best through writing. I have always been this way. Throughout high school I wrote on our school paper. In the past I’ve kept a journal, and I have always enjoyed the cathartic feeling of writing all of my thoughts down with pen and paper (or in typed print 🙂 ). More than anything, however, I enjoy creative writing. I have always enjoyed writing assignments in which I have the freedom to write creatively. I have even written poetry in the past.

     For quite some time, though, it seems like I had given up writing. Perhaps it’s because I was required to do writing in college and now in graduate school. Or perhaps it’s because I became too busy with school and work and life in general. Or maybe– it’s because my attitude on life became more negative. No matter the reason, I have missed writing. I decided to start a blog because I have recently made a lot of changes personally in my life. These changes might not be considered “big” or “drastic,” but to me they are significant. I have chosen to have a more positive attitude. I have chosen to try to let go of the little things that seem to bother me in life. I have chosen to focus on my own well-being (including focusing on my health by starting to run!) I have realized that happiness is a choice, and sometimes, you need to make a conscious effort to feel truly happy.

     I am planning on writing about practically anything in my blog, but I am going to focus on my personal happiness, well-being, and health. I hope to help others understand that happiness is a choice that we can all make in our lives. I will share experiences that lead me to this belief.

If you are interested in keeping up with my blog (and haven’t already done so), please add me to your blog roll–

I look forward to reading your blogs and hearing your input on my posts! 🙂

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  1. 11/29/1999 8:00 pm

    Hey! I’m 22 and going back to school in January, planning to pursue my BA in Social Work. I’m also trying to improve my health and fitness and just started running a couple weeks ago. (I’m really bad at it and don’t consider myself a runner either- at all!) Anyways, looks like we might have some things in common, so I’ll be following your blog 🙂


    • 10/23/2011 5:02 pm

      Hi Reese…thanks for your comment! I will check out your blog as well! Good luck w your running journey. You will be amazed at how far you come in a short time–Have confidence in yourself 🙂

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