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Experience can teach you many things. In fact, I believe that experience can teach you everything. Often, experience can teach a person more than formal education/learning. Already, in 23 years I have learned a lot from: experience…

I have learned that sometimes you have to make several mistakes before you can truly be successful. I have learned that you should never keep giving more in a relationship (friendship, family relationships, etc..) when the other person takes and gives nothing in return. I have learned that my mother often gives the advice that I don’t always like to hear, but that is usually correct. I have learned that who you are/how popular you are in high school means nothing years later. I have learned that the workplace is most comfortable when you get along with your co-workers (or at least make an effort to). I have learned that sometimes a problem does not have a solution. I have learned that the person’s opinion you should value the most is your own. I have learned if you are confident enough in yourself, then no one can take that away from you. I have learned that you cannot depend on others to be happy. I have learned that overanalyzing things gets you nowhere. I have learned that coffee will taste good once you have to get up before 6 a.m every morning! I have learned that working with kids is absolutely what I want to do in life. I have learned that hard work will always pay off, if not right now…then eventually. I have learned that a dog can really be your best friend. 🙂 I have learned that there is no harm in being happy with having some alone time. I have learned that you can be a loner and be shy at times; while being a social butterfly and an extravert at other times. I have learned that I don’t have all of the answers, and it is perfectly happy to ask for help with things. I have learned that I may not be an athlete, but I can be athletic. I have learned that money doesn’t  mean everything. I have learned that you can’t please everyone so there is no point in aimlessly trying! I have learned that you can try to fix things, but if someone resists to apologize and make amends it is not your fault. I have learned that venting to someone after a bad day is perfectly acceptable. I have learned to laugh and my mistakes from time to time. I have learned that quotes can sometimes describe exactly how you’re feeling. I have learned that ice cream can really bring some happiness. I have learned that writing (or blogging) can be such a stress reliever (and very cathartic)!

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  1. 04/24/2011 9:25 am

    All of that is SO true! Awesome post!

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