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True kindness…


Have you ever met someone who is truely kind and positive in every possible way? I think we all try to be as kind as possible, but I’ll admit I fall short of this goal sometimes. It’s hard to always remain upbeat and positive when there’s so many negative things going on in your life and the world overall. It’s hard sometimes to be optimistic when you’re feeling stressed. I try my best, but I know I can do better. I can always do better. All of us can do better.


I am lucky enough, however, to know someone who is one of the most genuinely kindest people I have ever met. This person is from work, but she is not a co-worker. She is a volunteer- a woman who comes to our program two times a week to give her time, her ideas, her creativity, and most importantly- her kindness. What is so incredible about this woman is how natural her kindness seems. It seems to come so easy to her. She is modest when she brings her activities, crafts, and games to do with our adolescent clients. She is always telling my co-workers and me that she isn’t “very creative,” and that her ideas “aren’t a big deal.” In fact, she is always, alway, always telling us what a good job we are doing with the kids. She is so inspiring. She tells us that we are making a difference, but shrugs her shoulders when we tell her what a difference she is making. This woman gives of her time, money, and experiences to help the kids in our program. She is patient, caring, and compassionate. She has no expectations whatsoever for volunteering her time, nor does she expect gratitude from the kids or my co-workers and me. She seems to volunteer purely for the sake of those in need. She is a consistent positive influence in our program and everytime she’s there, I can’t help but be in a more positive mood. She makes me want to work harder to be kind for no particular reason. I want to be a more upbeat person simply because of her presence.

This woman should make us all think about what we can do to be kinder and more positive in our own lives….

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