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Things only get harder.


The longer you let things go, the harder it is to make things right.


This saying rings true to me in so many ways— I don’t understand how some people can’t seem to understand its truth. At the risk of sounding trite, life is way too short to take things for granted and have regrets. So many people struggle such powerful, heartbreaking struggles every day. People suffer from illness, lose loved ones, and are treated unfairly. If we are granted good health, a loving family and friends, and the ability to enjoy these things, then why not do so? Why neglect the ones who care about you and you care about as well? Why refuse to say you’re sorry for events of the past? Why not say I love you to important people in your life? Why must some people put off these things? I just don’t get it. I try and try to understand, but it makes no sense to me.


It makes no sense to me to take your loved ones for granted, knowing full well that you do not have all of the time in the world with them.  I guess there are just some things I will never understand…

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