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“I kinda hated you…”


On this Monday, I thought I’d share a conversation with a client at my work. I work with children and adolescents in a mental health day program. I was having lunch one-on-one with my 13-year-old client after she returned to school (she’s doing a transition back to school due to her anxiety).

As we’re sititing outside, eating lunch on the patio outside of the cafeteria, almost out of nowhere…..

Client: You’re nice Miss Amanda.

Me: Well, thanks…you’re nice too.

Client: I mean you’re really nice. I didn’t really like you when I first met you.

Me: And why’s that?

Client: Well you were just too happy and cheery. People like that annoy me sometimes. I think you’re nice now, though. I kinda hated you before, but now I like you.

Just your average, ordinary, normal day at work– and a perfectly normal conversation with a 13-year-old girl. Truth be told, I’ve had probably a thousand stranger/funnier conversations than the one above.  And also, truth be told, I’ve never considered myself “an annoyingly happy, cheery person.” My hard work at having a positive attitude must really be paying off! 🙂

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