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What a difference it makes…


Nothing huge has happened to me within the past year, but somehow I feel like I’ve changed so much. What’s changed about me? The most significant change that I’ve noticed is my constant effort to be more laid-back and have a more positive attitude overall. I used to let things get to me. I constantly took things personally at work, listened to negative comments by co-workers, and stressed too much about pleasing others. How did I feel when I did these things? I felt stressed. I felt anxious. I felt angry at times. I was  irritable and unhappy.

More recently, I’v been making a conscious effort in my work environment to be more positive, get along with my co-workers, and let go of the things which I cannot control. How do I feel when I do these things? I feel calm. I feel relaxed. I feel happy. I have friendships at work. I am able to laugh and communicate with those around me on a daily basis. I am satisfied with the role I play in my work environment.

What a difference my efforts to change have made! I am feeling better physically, mentally, and emotionally. I’ve come to realize that there is no reason why I can’t feel calm, relaxed, and happy at work and in life. What is the point in worrying about pleasing others, getting caught up in the drama around me, and feeding into negativity? Truthfully, there is absolutely no point.  There are bigger things to worry about in this life than the everyday petty problems with which we all deal with at work and at home.


Maybe if we all spend a little less time worrying about those petty problems and a little more time worrying about the bigger issues going on in our world today, we could all make a difference within our society.

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  1. 05/14/2011 10:37 pm

    This post reflects what I am trying to work on right now myself. Glad to see a positive outcome.

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