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Graduate School Student Humor


For those of you who don’t know, I’m currently enrolled in graduate school part-time, (while working full-time, of course) taking classes towards earning my MSW (Master’s in Social Work). I definitely know this will benefit me in the long-run, and it is something I am very passionate about, but I still struggle with looking forward and staying motivated. This weekend, I am struggling with this a lot  mainly due to the fact that I have so much work to do, and I know if I don’t work hard this weekend, there is no way I will get it all done in time! Ugh!




The thing I’ve found that is most helpful during a stressful time is humor. Honestly, joking with my classmates during difficult times in classes; laughing with my co-workers aobut difficult clients; and sarcasticlly venting to friends about anything in my life has proven to help me through just about anything! I know that I am fully capable to complete grad school successfully, but sometimes humor is the best thing to help me deal with stress. I sometimes wonder how hard going to grad school would be without my friends and classmates to keep me sane. I don’t know how people who signed up for an online education do it. If I was taking courses from one of those trendy colleges that offer online graduate programs I would probably go crazy sitting at home on the computer all day. Although, I might just end up spending most of my time checking out grad school related humor online. You gotta have a little bit of humor in your life!



Today, I bring you… know you’re a part-time grad student when!




You know you’re a part-time graduate student when…


  • You struggle to balance working 40+ hours at your full-time and balancing your classes (and all of the work and reading that accompanies them)!
  • You have to forgo the ChickLit and other fun reading for books like: “Community Practice,” and “Managing and Developing Programs.”
  • You spend your free time writing to-do lists and procrastinating while feeling anxious about all of the work you need to complete!
  • You are being fueled this weekend by lots of coffee while hopefully completing  lots of reading and a couple of papers!


  • You are jealous of your friends’ and coworkers’ exciting weekend plans when you know you’ll be spending your Saturday and Sunday reading about social injustice, autism (and other developmental disorders) and writing a paper about your community.
  • You get through your night class with the help of a frozen coffee drink and something else sweet! 🙂




  • You dread driving 1 hr. and 45 minutes round trip two nights a week for classes, but do it nonetheless while blaring some Adele and singing along in your car!
  • You post facebook statuses about how much work you need to do or what things you’d like to be doing rather than going to class.
  • You will be spending next weekend (both Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.) in class alllll day.
  • You complain (a lot sometimes, I’ll admit it), but honestly are happy about the choice you made to go on to get a higher degree 🙂



Hope everyone enjoys a beautiful Saturday!


Thanks for allowing me to complain (just a little).





If anyone is taking classes and can empathize,  tell me:  What helps you deal with your stress/stay motivated?




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  1. 06/07/2011 9:58 am

    OH man, I can totally relate to this! I just finished my part time masters program in December, and I still get pangs of anxiety on Sunday nights “shouldn’t i be stressing about doing something right now?” and then i think “nope” and am back at ease.
    Buttt for the last 2 years I was in TWO grad programs and working 40+ hours. yes, I know it’s absurd, but one was just a masters certificate required by a program i was in at work, and one was just cuz i wanted a full masters. Why i did that at the same time I’m not sure, I just wanted to get it out of the way. Thre were even 2 semesters where I was taking 4 classes at a time. That’s pretty much full time, Serious crazy. I vaguely remember the last 2 years, they are a blur. But everything on your list is something I’ve felt or done, except drive because mine were online. But it took so much motivation because if a day went by and I didn’t do any school I would be ridiculously behind.
    The good news is you will get through it, it will feel amazing, and it will totally pay off!! That’s what got me through it all and as painful as it was, and from the other end I can say it is worth it all.

    • 06/07/2011 8:54 pm

      Wow….that sounds very stressful! If you made it through all that then I’m sure I will survive grad school and my job as well! Thanks for the words of encouragment! 🙂

  2. 06/07/2011 8:14 pm

    I can only imagine the stress that graduate school would bring, but I can totally agree that humor is a cure for all kinds of stress!!! Hang in there 🙂

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