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Why is it that all too often we forget about the power of our words? Words, either written or spoken, can make such an impact. Words can create feeling, inspire people, incite people, and allow for communication.



Sometimes, we choose our words carefully and thoughtfully, but far too often, we neglect to think before we speak. We say mean things– hurtful things. We say things to others (even others we love) that we later regret saying. We all do it. My words have gotten me in trouble from time to time. Sometimes, I stumble over my words. I find it hard to say what I think or I feel in some situations. I’ve hurt people with my words before. None of us are perfect. We all make these common mistakes, but can we fix them?


How can we remedy our mistakes of saying (or writing) things that we later regret? It is impossible to erase the hurt we have caused others by our words, but does that mean we are stuck? Will we be forever defined by our choice of words?


Sometimes, there is no solution, but taking a step back from the situation and recognizing your fault. It takes a strong person to stand back and admit that he or she is wrong. It takes a stronger person to use the right words to help make a bad situation better.


It takes two words most of the time— I’m sorry. Words are powerful. They can create hurt, but they can also ease the pain.

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