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That don’t impress me much…


Making it through a Monday at work can be a challenge for most of us,

and today was certainly no different for me.

My supervisor is out all this week so that means I get to do 2 times as much work in one day— mine plus hers! Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?! (Note my sarcasm). Needless to say, I came home from work grumpy. I decided, however, that I didn’t want to feel grumpy so I did some small things to make myself feel better. I ate something sweet, I read some blogs, I took a nap, I ate some dinner, I went for a short (but still great) run, I read some of my book. Now, I feel 10,000 times better. I’m not giving in to a case of the grumpies! 🙂


I also had an interesting phone conversation with a guy friend today, which leads me to my blog topic for today.

Do guys think it’s cool to get in fights? Do they think it attracts girls? Are we supposed to be impressed?

This guy I was talking to described a fight he was in with his friends while on vacation. He emphasized that he was out and that his friends and he didn’t start the fight. It was intiated by a few other guys. One guy hit his friend in the back and it all took off from there. The end result? A couple of bloody noses, a torn shirt, and a friendly warning from your neighborhood police.

Was I supposed to be impressed by this story? Was I supposed to feel excited that he “won the fight”? This wasn’t at all how I felt.

On the contrary, I am not impressed by fighting. Not at all. I don’t really enjoy being told the tale of a broken, bloody nose. My response to the story? I honestly stated my opinion. I said, “I think fights are stupid.” “It takes a bigger person to walk away– a stronger person.” Right or wrong–this is truely how I feel. What is with a guy’s strange obsession with physical fighting? Is it an ego boost? Is it a natural tendency? Does fighting make a guy feel strong and powerful? Is fighting a way to demonstrate masculinity? I’m not quite sure, but I do know that I’m not impressed.

Now….for your listening pleasure– some Shania Twain. Don’t knock it until you listen! 🙂

Tell me: Do you know of any guys into fighting? Are you impressed? What do you think is with some guys’ obsession with fights?

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