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There are times….


There are times when things go wrong— times when you sleep through your alarm and wake up late, times where you second guess yourself and your decisions, times when you feel stressed, times when you feel lonely and misunderstood, times when you have a bad day at work, times when you feel frustrated because of other people’s behaviors, times when you feel stuck in a rut…and so on.



But then– then, there are times when things go so right. There are times when you feel inspired and energetic, times when you feel confident in your own abilities, times when you recognize the positive people you have in your life, times when you feel important, times when you receive good news, times when you know you’ve made the right decision, times when you laugh, times you forget about what others think and only concentrate on yourself, and your happiness. There are times when things go so right.






Be thankful for all of the good times. 🙂 When push comes to shove, the good times usually outweigh the bad ones.


If you spend more time focusing on the good times and a little less time stressing about the bad times, I guarantee you will be happier!



Happy Weekend Everyone! 🙂


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  1. 09/05/2011 4:55 pm

    I love this. It’s such a great reminder to all of us – to quit harping on the negative things in life…especially when most of those negative things are completely out of our control anyway. So why harp on them? You can’t fix them so why not focus on the good beautiful things going on in your life instead. Great post.

  2. 09/05/2011 6:27 pm

    Thanks Jess! I’m so glad you share this mindset.


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