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Back at it!


After skipping out on running for about a week now, I’m finally back at it! This evening I went for a 2 mile run/walk to ease myself back into it, and it felt so good. The evening air was cool, there was a gentle breeze, and my legs felt energized. The second I started running I knew I’d made a smart decision.





Honestly this past week, I’ve been in a bit of a funk. I’ve felt stressed at times, angry at other times, and just plain lacking in energy.


So what did I do? I made excuses. I made excuses not to run.

I told myself that I was too tired. I told myself I just didn’t feel like it. I told myself I deserved a break because of the things I was going through. I told myself that the rainy weather prevented me from running (even though there were some breaks from the rain). I told myself that even with two days off from work, I was entitled to be just plain lazy. Frankly, I made too many excuses. I may have felt okay with my excuses in the moment, but looking back on them now, I don’t feel okay about them at all.



I strongly believe that you should take a break from running (or exercise in general) when your body and mind tells you to do so. This is not what happened to me this week, though. I could have run, but I told myself I couldn’t. My body was capable of running, but I didn’t listen to it. I listened to my excuses. This week, I plan to do a lot less of that. I plan to make a lot less excuses for not running and to not listen to negative self-talk about why I “can’t run.”


Truthfully, I think I may have gotten out of my funk a lot earlier this week if I would’ve made the decision to run earlier in the week.




*Tell me: Can you relate to this? Have you ever been in a funk  and made excuses to not run?



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  1. 09/11/2011 9:04 am

    I have definitely done that in the past. It helps when I have a goal set. Like now, I am training for a Half Marathon, so it keeps me focused.

    P.S. I just recently found your blog, and I love reading what you have to say!

    • 09/11/2011 2:27 pm

      Thanks for reading and for your kind words. I really appreicate it, Lisa!!

  2. 09/11/2011 2:19 pm

    YES. I’ve totally been in a funk like this before – and taking time away from what was causing that funk made such a difference. I came back at it with a MUCH better attitude and enjoyed the workouts and running more…as it always should be. Why do something if you’re not enjoying it, right? Glad you’re feeling more like you again!

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