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Pleasant Surprises…


Have you ever experienced one of those moments where people surprise you?



I absolutely love those moments. In fact, I live for those moments.



I live for those moments where people surprise you for the good. I live for those moments when someone says something kind unexpectedly, when someone acts in a manner that’s refreshing, when someone you thought you understood completely does something that causes you to think differently. I experience so many of these moments on a regular basis. I realize that my first impressions about certain individuals are off when I suddenly see them in a positive light and realize that my perceptions were wrong. I feel energized when I realize that a client I’m working with has changed in a positive way. I thrive in the fact that people change for the good as I do myself. People surprise me sometimes. I become friends with individuals with whom I never thought I would; I learn from these experiences; and I grow.



I hope that everyone experiences and recognizes the times when people surprise you…for the good. 🙂




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  1. 09/30/2011 8:15 pm

    reading this was a great way to start my afternoon on the couch.

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