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Happy Monday everyone! Due to my crazy busy schedule, I thought I would type up a post ahead of time for you to read this Monday morning. I may try to do this a little more often as scheduling my posts ahead of time will still allow me to keep up with my blogging! 🙂


On this Monday morning I want to introduce you to some of my favorite blogs. These are blogs that I read ALL of the time. I want to start featuring some of the blogs I enjoy because these ladies are amazing! I hope to someday have my blog be as successful as these ladies’ blogs!



The HungryRunner Girl:




I can’t tell you how much I love Janae’s blog. She is so cute, and she blogs about EVERYTHING–family, friends, running, exercise, work as a teacher, and of course FOOD! Janae is one of those blogs I read that simply never gets old. She usually posts multiple times a day, but that’s okay because her blog is hilarious. Her posts on running (especially after recovery from an injury) are incredibly helpful. She is so encouraging. I love how you can read her blog and feel just like you know her.



Peanut Butter Fingers



Peanut Butter Fingers is another one of my favorite blogs. Julie left her regular full-time job (not so long ago) to make blogging her full-time career. I admire her passion for blogging and her decision to pursue blogging as a career. She has SUCH a way with words. Julie blogs 3-4 times/day usually. Her posts are about many topics, including: food, fitness, family (including her beautiful dog, Sadie), and fashion. I love reading Julie’s fashion posts because she is always so creative with her outfits. Julie also posts some great recipes– from granola to desserts to actual meals. What I love about Julie is the fact that she seems so genuine and down-to-earth. I can’t get enough of her blog!


Ali on the Run



Finally, there’s Ali on the Run. This girl just ran a marathon not too long ago!!! It’s safe to say that Ali is my running idol. I can’t compare myself to Ali in terms of my running, but I  sure can admire her. She is so strong and determined. Ali ran a marathon while raising money for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America through Run for the Rabbit. I love reading her blog because it documents her running journey and provides many funny stories along the way. Ali talks about training for her marathon, her family and friends, and her job. She keeps it real for her readers as she talks about living with Crohn’s disease and shares what she is thankful for every Thursday.




These are only a few of my favorite blogs. I hope to share many more with you in the upcoming weeks! 🙂



In the meantime, tell me: What are some of your favorite blogs to read?



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  1. 11/29/1999 8:00 pm

    Amanda! Thank you so much for reading and for the shout-out! I’m flattered to be on your reading list with two other phenomenal young ladies/bloggers. Also, huge CONGRATULATIONS on signing up for your first race! I’m so pumped for you.

    (For the record, I HATED running the mile in elementary school, too. I walked the entire thing with a big bratty pout on my face. And now, addicted to running. Go figure.)

    Can’t wait to follow your progress!

  2. 10/10/2011 8:53 pm

    Thanks Ali! I’m very excited about my race. Glad to know I wasn’t the only one with a pouty face as I walked the mile in school! Haha. I guess now that no one is forcing me to run I have a better outlook! 🙂

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