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Taking care of me…


I love to write. It’s not always about blogging for me. It’s not always about hitting publish and sharing my writing with others. I love to write purely for the sake of writing. I don’t write just for other people. I write for me. I write because it always helps me clear my mind. I write because some days it’s the only sound way that I can feel I can express my thoughts and feelings.



Lately, I’ve been feeling a little more overwhelmed than usual, and I’ve realized that I need to do more of what helps me feel better–writing. This may not alway come in the form of blog posts, but I will be doing more writing…




Despite feeling stressed out by work, my internship, grad school, and so on–I know that I need to devote more time to taking care of myself and doing things that I enjoy. Self-care is so important, and sometimes, I think that I neglect focusing on what I really need-whether that may be: more sleep, a day off from work, or more time for myself. This weekend, I’ve decided that I need to refocus a bit more on myself. This may mean so many different things for me. First off, I’m going to try to run in the morning (before work) one day this week. I know that it will be a struggle to run after work this week due to my busy schedule and due to turning back our clocks last night. Although I hate the fact that it will be getting dark out at 5 p.m., I ‘m not going to let that prevent me from getting in my daily run. I’ve never been a morning runner, but why not give it a chance? I’m also going to make an extra effort to eat better. I get busy and I neglect to eat a healthy breakfast (instead eating something of low nutritional value). I plan on making an effort to eat healthier for breakfast (and throughout the day). Finally, I’m going to cut myself some slack. This might mean taking a day off from work when I need it to catch up on school work or just catch up on sleep. This may also mean not expecting perfection and asking for some help from others when needed.




Tell me: What you do you consider part of “self-care”? What are some things you do to deal with stress and take care of yourself?



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  1. 11/06/2011 1:55 pm

    These are great self-care goals. I think it’s so important to honor the mind and the body — putting yourself first sometimes is *not* selfish…it does a body(and mind) good in my book. We all ought to do more of it.

    • 11/06/2011 8:48 pm

      You are so right, Jess! I am hoping to stick to these goals of mine…

      Have a great week!

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