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Running with Company!


A few days ago, I posted about the wonderful experience I had while running solo. There are times when running without friends or music or anything else is exactly what I need. I am able to be alone with only my own thoughts and feelings. I am able to concentrate on me.


Today, however, I’m talking about the benefits of running with other people. In  about an hour I’m headed out to meet my friend at a near-by park to run. We also signed up together to run the local 5k that I’ve mentioned on here. My friend is even newer to running that I am, but she happily agreed (with some gentle coaxing! ;)) to try out running with me. We try to meet once or twice a week (depending on our busy schedules) to run together. I have found that there are times when I really do love company while running!



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Here are my top three benefits of running with company:



  • Instant Support: Running with a friend can provide you with instant support and motivation. I’m less likely to skip a run during the week if I planned to run with someone else because then I’d be letting someone else down (not just myself). Running with a friend helps to hold me accountable. My friend and I also provide each other with encouragement while we run. We remind each other how much time or distance we have left to go, and we say things like “you can keep going, don’t stop now” to each other all of the time. Sometimes, I really need this extra support from someone else!

  • Time Flies When You’re….You’ve probably heard the saying: “time flies when you’re having fun.” This definitely relates to the experience I have when I’m running with a friend. I feel like the miles/time just fly by when I’m running and chatting with a friend. I stop thinking about how far we’ve gone or how far we have left and just run. I love the surprise that I experience sometimes when I see what time it is after we’re finished.

  • Someone will listen to you talk about running without becoming bored/annoyed. I love that I can talk all about running or whatever else when I’m running with my friend. She won’t become bored or annoyed at my nonstop chit-chat. In fact sometimes we both talk so much that there’s no silence during our run!



Tell me: Do you ever run with friends? What are some of the benefits you find from running with others?


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  1. 11/13/2011 1:13 pm

    I just had an awesome rundate with my friend Steph – we ran to the barre n9ne studio, took class and then ran back. It was SUCH fun and made the double session so worth it!! I love doing that…there’s definitely something to be said for running and working out solo, but a meet-up with friends is never a bad thing in my book, either!

    • 11/13/2011 2:17 pm

      You’re right Jess! A meet-up with friends is always good for me too– whether it involves running or not! 🙂

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