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With a little more time…


Sometimes I find myself so busy during any given day (or any given week) that when I do have a free second I start to think of what I would do with a little more time in each day…



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Would I spend it being productive and working ahead on my to-do list?

Would I simply relish in the idea of doing absolutely nothing?

Would I take a risk and do something completely out of the ordinary?



With a little more time in the day, I would…


  • Sleep for a full 8-9 hours each night (because that when I feel most rested).
  • Spend time cooking and baking and experimenting with new recipes.
  • Paint my nails my favorite color for every day of the week…
  • Sit down each morning and sip a cup of coffee while reading a good book.
  • Read the newspaper every morning without fail.
  • Take the time to send out letters/cards to people I care about.
  • Make phone calls to people I can’t see in person.
  • Organize! (anything and everything)
  • Spend time daydreaming…
  • Curl my hair.
  • Volunteer for a good cause.
  • Visit the local library, and just sit looking at books.
  • Take a long leisurely walk.
  • Clean out my email inbox(s).
  • Take pictures of my dog.
  • Browse the shelves at a craft store.
  • Organize the music on my Ipod.
  • Compile a booklet of my favorite quotes.




Tell me: What are some of the things you would do if you had a little more time in your day?



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  1. 11/15/2011 6:35 pm

    You have an awesome list going! I’d probably reorganize my closet and take the time to try to cook.

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