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Choosing happiness, no matter where you are “planted.”


Jess is first up in this week’s blog series. Please check out her blog at EatDrinkBreatheSweat for more of her inspirational posts!




When Amanda asked me to participate in her blog series on positivity, I was totally honored, first of all. And also? I was surprised at first when she thought of me as a source of positivity.


You see, I never used to be the positive voice that I’ve grown into today. I used to harp on the things in my life I couldn’t control (trust me, I still have those moments); I used to fixate on the things in my life or that surrounded me that were negative forces.  I give a lot of credit to my husband who is an eternal optimist and one of the most positive people I know for changing the pessimistic side of me in a really profound way over the years. Whenever he’d say “choose to be happy” I’d kind of scoff and get annoyed that he was being so cheerful when all I wanted to do was sulk. Yes, those instances still happen now and then, but far fewer and farther between. There’s even been an instance or two where I’ve been the one pushing him to be more positive about a situation or two. He was so proud of me, I’ll say that – the tables were turned!


But I’m digressing here. The main point is that I wasn’t always so positive. My husband is a huge influence over me in that sense. Another influence on me? A sermon by Joel Osteen that still, to this very day, over a year later (I heard his sermon on TV in March 2010!), has stuck with me. Now, you might not be a very faithful person per se, but I’d dare you to read through his words and tell me that they didn’t resonate with you in some shape or form, regardless of your faith:


“Too many people in this world are living a negative and discouraged life…they don’t like their job, where they live, what they want to be…when they get stuck in traffic, its not where they want to be. Always fighting against where they are, wanting to be somewhere else. But God is more interested in me, than changing my circumstances. He’s more interested in changing me. To open those doors, the key is to bloom right where you’re planted. You have to be the best that you can be, right where you are. Be grateful for where you live, even if its not where you want to be. As long as we live in faith, where we are is where we’re supposed to be. It may be difficult, but God wouldn’t bring a challenge into our life unless He had a divine purpose for us. Nothing happens to us, it happens for us. God uses difficult people who come into our lives like sandpaper to rub the rough edges off of us. Some of the things that are uncomfortable in your life, that you’re trying to get rid of, if God removed them, you wouldn’t be prepared for change. It may not feel good, but it’s helping you to grow and to be all that He created you to be. We’re always trying to get somewhere else to be happy. If I could get a better job…or at least change departments…or find new friends…or a bigger home. Until He moves me, I’m going to be happy, this is where God wants me to be. If someone is not treating me right, I’m not going to let that sour my day and steal my joy. I’m going to rise above it and be happy anyway. That’s what it means to bloom where you’re planted. Whereever you are, God has you there for a reason. You don’t go up and down depending on your circumstances – you’re stable, you’re consistent, you’re always friendly, and happy and have a smile on your face despite your circumstances. That’s the sign of a mature person. It takes away those excuses, it puts the responsibility back on us to be happy and to enjoy our life right where we are. Make up your mind. You’re gonna bloom right where you are.”




Even just re-reading some of these phrases as I write this post and I’m struck by how profound and true the concept of “blooming right where you’re planted” is.  In other words – stop focusing on the things you cannot change, and instead focus on appreciating your life right now versus “can’t waiting” or wishing away your days. Our time on this earth is so short, incredibly so, and by spending our days wishing for a different outcome, we’re doing ourselves no favors. We’re wasting time versus appreciating that time. I’m a big believer in being thankful for little things in your day, week, month or year. In being able to live a healthy and fit lifestyle. In being granted the opportunity to pay the blessings in my life forward to others. Whether it be through my own blog, or in interacting with friends who are looking to live a healthier and happier life? That’s a huge source of happiness for me – and I choose to focus on that as best as I can. 




So that’s it – as simple as that. Bloom where you’re planted. Embrace your life right now. Even on a down day, choose just one thing to be happy and thankful for –it’ll take your mind off whatever negative thing is bugging you, but even more importantly – it’ll remind you to grateful.




Choose to be positive, embrace right where you’re planted. Give it a shot, I dare ya. 😉 


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  1. Connie permalink
    12/05/2011 2:49 pm

    Nice, Jess. Reminds me of a quote from a book I had as a child:
    “It ain’t what you got nor where you go that counts. It’s what you do with what you got wherever you happen to find yourself.”
    It’s been a long time since I’ve thought of that quote, but I always liked it and it is a good reminder to, as you say, bloom where you are planted. Thank you:)

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