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Having a positive attitude…


Today’s guest post is from Janae @ The Hungry Runner Girl. Janae is hilarious, and I absolutely love her posts. If you haven’t read her blog, go check it out right now!





1.) What does having a positive attitude look like to you?


I think that having a positive attitude means that you realize that life isn’t always going to be perfect, trials are going to happen but believe that YOU have the power to choose how you are going to react to bad situations.  Having a good attitude means that we know that we can choose to be happy even when things don’t go the way we would like them too. We don’t blame everyone around us for things that happen to us and do our best to stay positive and get through hard times.  I think having a positive attitude also has to do with being a resilient person.  You are able to bounce back after a hard time.  Of course smiling every now and then is part of having a positive attitude;)


2.) Have you ever been through a time when you’ve struggled to stay positive? How did you deal with it?


In February of this past year I got injured, 2 femoral stress fractures.  I am a very very active person and love to be moving around and RUNNING and so not being able to do what I love to do was incredibly hard.  Plus, I was in a lot of pain 24 hours a day for over two months.  I missed running theBostonmarathon and a lot of other races that I trained very hard for.  At first I was miserable, I cried often and blamed my coach for my injuries because the workouts he had me do where too tough.  My husband helped me realize I was being absolutely ridiculous and helped me get back to the positive person that I normally am.  I had to find new passions to engage myself in to help me get that feeling of accomplishment that I was missing from running.  I learned that you can’t rely on one thing to make you happy (running) and that there are so many other things in my life to be happy about.  The more I helped people around me, the happier I became and the more positive my thoughts were.


3.) Please share your with readers your top 3 tips to maintaining a positive attitude?

1.  Fake it to make it.  It takes 21 days to form a habit…..if you can just fake being a positive person and thinking good thoughts about yourself for a little while, before you know it, it will become natural for you.

2.  Think long term.  Is whatever you are going through going to matter a month from now?  A year from now?

3.  Do everything that is in your control to solve a problem and get through a hard time.  Accept the things that are out of your control and move on.


4.) How do running and blogging help you stay positive?


Running and exercise helps me stay positive more than anything else.  For me, endorphins play a huge role in having a positive thought process.  After I accomplish a tough workout or race I am filled with gratitude and feel like I am the  If I am upset before a run, chances are I will be over it and in a much better mood after a run. Blogging has also helped me stay positive especially through injuries.  The blogging community has been so supportive and helpful during tough times. Happy/positive/funny bloggers also brighten my day and help me to realize that life is good!



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