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Post-Holiday Funk


It’s easy (and completely natural) to fall into a post-holiday funk after Christmas. I’ll admit it—I was in a bit of a funk towards the beginning of this work week. I had Monday off from work, but returning to work on Tuesday was still a challenge. I had grown accustomed to lounging around the house, catching up on sleep, having fun, and just plain relaxing during my 3-day weekend. To make matters worse (for me) all of my family members are off from work this week for the holidays.



I realized I was in this “funk” when I was reluctant to head off to work in the morning, constantly wanting to sleep or relax after my work day, and not having as much energy as I usually do. All of these traits are pretty uncharacteristic of me.


As easy as it is to fall into a funk, it’s just as easy to work yourself out of it! Here are some tips!



  • Ease yourself back into your normal routine. Start slow. Of  course you have to go back to work, but you don’t have to put in overtime. I have spent these first few days back at work only working my normal hours–not getting in too early and not staying too late! This has helped make the transition from the holiday a bit easier!
  • Focus on you. Remember to focus on yourself and do something you enjoy (even if the holiday is over). This may include spending time with family or friends, picking yourself up a coffee (as a little pick-me up), or taking time to work on a hobby.
  • Exercise!!! Go for a walk outside, go to the gym, take your dog for a walk! It doesn’t matter what you do- just get out there and exercise. It’s a proven fact that if you exercise you will start to feel more energetic. I was tired today, and I could have come home and taken a nap, but instead I went to the gym. I felt so much better about myself and life after a 45 minute walk/run on the treadmill! 🙂


Keep Calm and Carry On(source)




Tell me: Have you ever experienced a post-holiday funk? How did you deal with it?


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