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Cheers to 2012!


A New Year always makes me feel inspired. It’s as if you have been granted a fresh start to do whatever you wish. You can leave any of your mistakes and regrets from the last year behind. You can take chances. You can set new goals for yourself. I absolutely love the idea of having hope for the new year to come.



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I am excited about my New Year’s resolutions for this year. After careful consideration, I think that these resolutions are goals that I can really work towards, stay motivated about, and look forward to achieiving!



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  • Procrastinate Less.

Over the last few months, I’ve been procrastinating way too much. I put off simple tasks, such as renewing my car registration until the week before it’s due. I use my weekends to catch up on work for graduate school and my internship. In the New Year, I want to do less procrastinating. Instead of putting things off, I want to try and do them as soon as I have a moment available. This will ultimately leave me feeling less stressed and more in control of things in my life.



  • Blog More Regularly and Increase Readership.

I have come to realize that I am simply not the kind of person who is able to blog every single day of the week. At the same time, however, I love blogging. It’s a new adventure for me, and I definitely don’t want to stop. I’ve decided that a reasonable goal for me is to blog at least 4 times/week. Instead of just posting words (all of the time), I want to start taking more photos that I can post on my blog. I also want to make efforts to increase my readership. This is a general goal because I don’t have a certain statistic in mind. I simply want to try and increase the number of regular readers of my blog. I plan to do this by continuing to advertise my blog to family, friends, and co-workers. I also created a Facebook page for my blog and created a Twitter account at the end of 2011. I hope that these will continue to allow me to publicize my blog!



  • Run More Races.

After running just one 5K this past fall, I am hooked. I have since joined the gym and am continuing with my running goals. For 2012? I want to run more 5Ks, and ultimately run a half marathon before 2013. Even as I type this, I get butterflies in my stomach and wonder if this is realistic. All I can say to myself is anythings is possible if you try. This is what I’m going to keep telling myself as I continue on my running journey this year!


  • Be More Open to Opportunities.

This goal is a general one, but it is necessary. I want to be more open to opportunities this year. Too often, I neglect taking chances that are put out right in front of me. This year, I would like to be open to any opportunities that are placed in front of me. These opportunities can involve anything– taking chances in friendships, relationships, work, or any other areas in my life.



  • Have My Writing Published in Print.

I would like to be published in print this year. In 2012, I would like to have my writing published in the form of a newspaper or magazine article. I will be sure to let all of my blog readers know if/when this happens!



  • Balance My Time Better.

I will be quite busy this year (just like the last). This year, I want to make an effort to balance my time better. I plan to do this by using my agenda more than I did last year. I will try to write things down that I have to do more often and schedule out my time when needed to help myself stay on track and feel less stressed.





Tell me: What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2012? What are some of your fitness goals for the New Year?


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  1. 01/02/2012 1:06 pm

    Those look like good resolutions. Good luck conquering 2012! I can’t wait to see your progress.

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