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Sticking to Your Resolutions


Happy New Year, everyone! I am still finalizing my resolutions, but in the mean time I thought I would post some tips for creating and sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. I am often hesitant to create resolutions each year because I feel like I will inevitabley break them. I usually make my resolutions too broad, neglect to write them down (and end up forgetting about them), or create goals that I don’t find motivating.



This year, I am hoping that my blog will help me record my resolutions and track my progress. I am taking some time to carefully consider what goals I would like to set for myself this year! Check back tomorrow to read about my resolutions for 2012!



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Here are some tips for creating New Year’s resolutions that you can stick to achieving. These tips are taken from an article I read here. (I do not take any credit for the information below.)



  •  Be Realistic. I completely agree with this. It is important that you set goals for yourself that you are both willing to work on and capable of achieving. If not, you ultimately set yourself up for failure.

  • Think Incrementally. Try to think of your goals in terms of steps (so that you can see your progress. Set deadlines for yourself so that you are able to see some success. Setting “all or nothing” goals usually ends up leaving you disappointed. Thinking incrementally will allow you to work on your goals throughout the entire year.

  • Pick something within your control. I think this is huge!! Many times people make resolutions about becoming involved in a relationship, and this is not a well-thought out goal. You can only control your own behavior–not the behavior of other people. It may be a better idea to create a goal of spending more time with current friends and family or joining an activity where you could potentially meet new people.

  • Be Resilient. Don’t decide to quit just because you have one (or even many) mishaps. You can miss a day (or two) at the gym without giving up on your workout plan altogether. Cut yourself some slack from time to time because we are all human and can only do our best!


To read the entire article (summarized above), go to this link:

How to Make Every New Year’s Resolution Stick for Good.



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