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Looking For Some Inspiration?


I’m sure that anyone into running or anything fitness-related can agree with me when I say–sometimes you just need some inspiration! For me, I need inspiration most after a long day at work when the last thing I want to do is head to the gym or go for a run outdoors. Sometimes, a run is just what I’m interested in, but other times, my body is begging me to go home and just rest. These are the times when I look for inspiration from people like the one below to keep me motivated! If this woman can run like she does then I can make it to the gym and run a few miles on the treadmill!



Diane Van Deren training at 3600 metres at Loveland Pass in Colorado.




I saw this story of Diane Ven Deren on ESPN on Christmas day (thankfully my dad had ESPN on the T.V. at some point). Diane is a 51-year-old ultra-marathon runner who has suffered from brain seizures throughout her late life. She found that despite medications and other treatments not being helpful, she was able to run through her seizures. Eventually Diane had surgery on her brain which stopped the seizures, but damaged a portion of her brain. Due to the surgery Diane is unable to keep track of time. People can tell her that 10 hours have gone by, and Diane will think that only 2 hours have passed. This comes in handy when Diane is running ultra-marathons. Diane has run 50- and 100-mile races. At one point she even ran in a 430-mile race (the Yukon Arctic Ultra). Diane’s misperception of time is helpful here as she is able to keep running miles longer that her oppponents.


Diane has certianly overcome odds to continue running and inspiring millions. I am so happy to have learned of her story. If she can run like she does-despite everything and anything, I am confident that I can achieve all of my running goals.




Tell me: Where do you get your inspiration? What motivates you to complete your work-out?


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