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Rest up!


This week has taught me about the importance of one small, simple, four-letter word— REST.




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The benefits of receiving a full 8 hours of sleep and feeling rested are innumberable. When you feel completely rested, you have more energy. You are more capable of dealing with stressful situations. Your immune system is stronger. You are less likely to become sick. You are able to be more successful in all areas of you life, including your work and your social life. Your mood is elevated. You are able to have a more positive outlook on life. You feel happier overall.


When your body is not receiving enough rest, there are other effects. You feel slowed down. You are often unable to concentrate. You are not productive in your work or other areas of your life. You feel stressed. You are more likely to become sick. You may be irritable and easily agitated. People are less likely to want to spend time with you due to your negative atttitude. You feel grumpy.



This week I learned that because rest is so important that sometimes, you need to make time for it.



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My week was a busy one- to say the least. I started my Spring Semester of graduate classes, which meant I had class two nights this week. I also experienced some long, tiring, somewhat stressful days of work. After a string of long days, I was left feeling tired and run-down by the end of today. I went to my internship as planned, but I decided something prior to going. I decided that I needed to make time for some extra rest tonight. I did this by choosing to leave my internship about an hour earlier than I usually do. I did this in order to arrive home a bit earlier and enjoy some time on my own. I did this so I can catch up on sleep tonight by going to bed a bit earlier than I have been this week.


Choosing to catch-up on rest is the best decision I have made this week. The world did not end simply because I rearranged my scheduled and came home early this evening. No one felt upset or let down by me.  I made a decision for my best interest.



Sometimes, you need to make some minor adjustments with your schedule in order to focus on your own well-being. 




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  1. 01/15/2012 8:43 am

    This really resonates wih me! I DEFINITELY need to get more rest. It seems that if I start my week out on little sleep, then I’m stuck in that pattern for the rest of the week.

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