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Not Making Excuses.


I could have chosen to go home right away after work. I could have made excuses.  I could have said that it was too cold outside, and I was too tired. I could have gone straight home and just been lazy. I could have went home to relax….take a nap….or watch T.V. I could have skipped my workout.


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Instead of making excuses, though, I drove myself to the gym to complete my work-out as planned. I reminded myself that my clothing was already waiting for me in my gym bag in my car. I reminded myself that this was one of the only evenings during the work week that I would be able to go to the gym. I reminded myself that I could relax after I came home from the gym. I told myself that I would feel more positive and proud of myself following my work-out. I told myself that I could de-stress at the gym.



I completed the following interval work-out on the treadmill and then worked my legs on some of the weight machines!


Time                                      Pace

0-5 min.                                    3.5

5-8 min.                                    5.2

8-11 min.                                  6.0

11-14 min.                                5.2

14-17 min.                               6.0

17-20 min.                               5.2

20-25 min.                               3.5




By the end of my work-out I felt calm, happier, and in a positive mood. I was happy that I made the choice to go to the gym (and not skip my work-out). I was happy that I didn’t make excuses!






Tell me: Do you ever find yourself making excuses to skip your run/work-out? How do you stay motivated?




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  1. 01/18/2012 9:49 pm

    Way to go fighting the excuses and getting your workout in!!!

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