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The thing that amazes me the most about the kids I work with (through my work at my job and at my internship) is their ability to endure so many things and still bounce back. Most of these kids and teenagers have been through things worse than I can imagine–abuse, loss, death of a loved one, foster care placement. The list could go on and on. Despite all of the tragedy and trauma, though, these kids survive. They have their challeges- both behaviorally and emotionally, but there are times when you wouldn’t even think for a second that they experienced the things that they have.



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Despite all of the tough times these youth have been through, they smile. They laugh. These kids have goals and dreams for themselves. They joke around and make those around them happy. They give to those around them. They care about other people more than themselves at times. They are happy.




These kids teach me everything about resiliency— “the ability to recover readily from illness, depression, or adversity.” I can’t even imagine going through some of the trauma that these youth have experienced, but I can certainly benefit from recognizing their resiliency. We all can benefit from them. Understanding their resiliency, or their ability to “bounce back” reminds me that my daily complaints and struggles are minor. I can vent about everything going wrong, and I can complain–but what’s the purpose in that? My troubles are small in comparison to what these youth have experienced.



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The next time you find yourself in a bad mood or “having a bad day,” remind yourself of what so many children have gone through. Ask yourself are my problems big in comparison? What do I have to be happy about or thankful for? I guarantee this will leave you in a better place.




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