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Feeling “gutsy.”


I am not usually one to enjoy receiving compliments, but yesterday I received a compliment that really meant a lot to me…




In the middle of another busy work day my one co-worker turned to me and said: “Amanda, you have the guts of a 6-foot tall man.”


This came after I made the choice to speak up about a situation that I didn’t agree with in our workplace. It was a normal everyday occurrence for me, but it still took some self-confidence. I was suprised at the compliment, though, because I do not consider myself to be the most self-confident person. Honestly, I would not describe myself as gutsy in any way, shape, or form. I wouldn’t even say that I always speak my mind or stand up for what I believe.


My co-worker seemed to think differently than me, though, and this really got me thinking. I wonder—how many times we fail to see the good in ourselves?



How often do we rely on the comments and feedback from others to make us feel good about ourselves?


How often do we only see the positive once someone else points it out to us?


How often do we fail to praise and compliment ourselves?


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How often do we do these things? It didn’t take me very long to draw some conclusions and find an answer. We do it all of the time. I, myself, do it regularly. I forgot to believe in myself. I forget to see my strengths. I forget to praise myself when I’m doing a good job. I fail to see all of the positive things until someone else points them out to me (I have no problem seeing the negatives and pointing out my own mistakes).



We all fall into these holes from time to time, and it makes us human. The most important thing we can do is be self-aware. Recognize when you are falling into these traps. Counteract the negatives with the positives. Praise yourself. Compliment yourself.


See your strengths, and never rely on the opinions of others to determine your self-worth.



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